Five Questions For… Nina Pasquale and Lilian Kim

Nina Pasquale and Lilian Kim's 7.5 Golden Gate Park B women's team overcame all odds to win their flight in the Combo Sectional Championships earlier this month (see story here). When not killing it on the tennis court, Nina can be found playing and teaching piano and Lilian can be seen on ABC 7 News as an on-air reporter.

1. How did it feel to represent SF and Golden Gate Park at the NorCal Sectionals?
We love representing Golden Gate Park! It’s a place where all walks of life come together to play tennis in a beautiful, historically rich setting.  GGP also has deep sentimental value. It's where most of us met back when we were 3.0s ten years ago. We've stuck together since then and have met new people along the way. It's our tennis "home".

2. What were your highlights of the (very long!) Combo season?

We assembled our team with little thought of the post season. We just wanted to captain together, something we had never done before, and play with our friends.  The big surprise was when we beat the first-place team in the first round of playoffs. Westlake was the heavy favorite and we swept them! We were on a roll after that. We swept at districts, then swept at sectionals to become NorCal Champs!! It was the perfect season: no drama, no injuries, no disqualifications!

3. What was your path to tennis? Did you play as a kid or learn as an adult?

Nina: I watched my first tennis match in 1973, the infamous Billie Jean King vs Bobby Riggs match. Ever since then I've followed tennis, but I didn't start playing until my 40th birthday.
Lilian: I first learned to play ten years ago from Lou Maunupau at the Upper Noe Recreation Center, back when tennis lessons were free!  I was hooked from day one, thanks to Lou's quick wit and solid instruction.

4. How do you like to spend your time when not playing tennis?

Nina: When I’m not playing tennis, I'm either playing or teaching piano.
Lilian: When I’m not playing tennis, I enjoy running and Pilates.

5. Who inspires you, on or off the court?