Joining A Team

Public parks, private clubs and Community Tennis Associations throughout the Bay Area field tennis teams all year round (see NorCal league calendar for details). In a typical year San Francisco fields more than 200 teams in USTA leagues.

If you are looking for competitive play but not in a team format, check out UTR Flex Leagues SF (Find new level-based competitors, stay local, and schedule matches when and where you want.)


To play on a USTA team, you will need to become a USTA member, as well as have a NTRP computerized or self rating to find the appropriate skill level (get more info about ratings on the USTA website)

If you are 18+ (youths check out our Youth Tennis page) and interested in playing USTA tennis, a great first step is to visit the USTA’s Tennis Link page and click on the “Click here to find out” link under “What’s the best USTA program for you?”

From there you can find opportunities for teams, tournaments and Flex Leagues, which allow you to design your own schedule for playing tennis matches.

If you already know that you want to play on a local USTA team, there are a few ways to get connected to a team:

  • Go to the USTA League page.
  • Click on the "Find a League"
  • In the online interest form, input your zip code, distance you’re willing to travel and birthday.
  • Click on "Find a League."
  • A list of appropriate leagues within your selected parameters will show up. Select the league(s) that you want to play and click the "Submit" button. Your online submission will then go to your Local League Coordinator, who will contact you.


You can contact the Northern California Local League Coordinator (LLC) directly. LLCs will assist you in finding a team in your neighborhood and/or area at your skill level. If the LLC receives enough inquires from players who want to find a team, the LLC may be able to form an entire team of players.


You can contact a local Community Tennis Association or Club in San Francisco, including:

Costs for playing on USTA teams include:

  • Annual USTA membership fee ($44 per year for adults)
  • Annual “club” fee, which is the cost to belong to the group that is fielding the team (cost varies, but is usually no more than $65/year)
  • Registration fee for each USTA team you join ($27 per team)
  • Ball and court fees that your team captain will charge (varies by team)


Check out our Hitting Partners page for ways to connect with players of the same skill level.