Why the Tennis Coalition Supports Proposition B

Stable funding for SF public parks on June 7 ballot

Funding for San Francisco’s public parks has eroded over the years, causing maintenance and upkeep often to be deferred until conditions are dire. A city as densely populated and wealthy as San Francisco should have green spaces for all to enjoy and safe places for kids to engage in healthy and educational activities after school.

To address the shortfall, sponsors (including SF Parks Alliance, the Tennis Coalition’s fiduciary sponsor) have put forth Proposition B: Park, Recreation and Open Space Fund, Charter Amendment, which will be on the June 7 ballot. The proposition would assure that funds for Recreation and Parks keep up with the growth in the City budget.  More stable funding will allow the Parks Department to address needs such as broken playground equipment, replacing sprinklers to conserve water, and yes, upgrading and maintaining tennis courts.

That’s why the Tennis Coalition of San Francisco supports Proposition B.

Thousands of people play tennis every week on the city’s 152 public tennis courts, from beginners taking group lessons, to friends hitting the ball at Dolores Park, to talented youth training with the high-performance program at Golden Gate Park. Many of the courts are in desperate need of resurfacing and general upkeep to keep them accessible and safe.

We share concerns that budget set-asides like the Open Space Fund can limit City government’s budget flexibility, but we also believe that the Parks Department should not be subject to fluctuations in its budget allocation from the City from year to year. Our parks are crucial resources, and the Parks Department needs steady funding on which it can rely to care for parks, playgrounds, and open spaces in every neighborhood of the city.