Tennis Center Advisory Committee Members

Hans Carter

Hans Carter

I “discovered” Pickleball being played on old tennis court #5 during a stroll through Golden Gate Park over 4 years ago and thought “now that looks like fun”. As a senior, I found playing a competitive sport outdoors on a sunny day beat any other recreational or fitness activity I could think of. I got hooked. Pickleball is natural progression for those that enjoy a racket sport that’s quick and with less territory to cover.

Much thanks to everyone associated with the Goldman Tennis Center project renovation for including the mini-courts. I hope via TCAC to help make these courts a vibrant part of the Center’s recreational offering and GTC an important destination venue for the growing Bay Area Pickleball community.

Martha Ehrenfeld

Martha Ehrenfeld

When I first moved to San Francisco, the Golden Gate Park Tennis Center was one of the first places I went to find friends and a community. Now it is my turn to give back to the tennis community and my city.

I have served on the board of the Golden Gate Tennis Club, the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Federation and the SF Recreation and Park Department’s Tennis Advisory Committee.  I am currently a member of the USTA Northern California Diversity Committee as well as board member of the San Francisco Parks Alliance. I follow the work of many community tennis leaders who formed the Tennis Coalition; they spoke up and worked hard to be an advocate for public tennis in San Francisco.  It is an honor to continue their work.


Anne Herrera

I played tennis off and on through college then dropped it, although I am not sure why!  Luckily I took up tennis again in 2013, and it has enriched my life with new friends, great exercise and an appreciation for our wonderful City tennis courts.

When I joined my first Golden Gate Park USTA team, I felt so welcomed by the tennis community, and it cemented my loyalty. My son played his high school home tennis matches here, so I have fond memories of late afternoons spent cheering them on. With the opening of the Goldman Tennis Center, I am excited to be back on familiar ground which is now graced with a world-class tennis facility.

Lilian Kim Lynch

Lilian Kim Lynch

I took up tennis soon after I moved to San Francisco. Everything I learned about playing the game was through the classes I signed up for through Rec and Park. The experience was life changing. I learned new skills, met friends and developed a passion for the sport. Along the way, the tennis courts at Golden Gate Park became my happy place. I’ve met people from all walks of life, young and old. I cherish those relationships and the sense of community there that I have yet to find anywhere else.

Angela Marks

Angela Marks

I have lived in San Francisco for 20+ years but grew up in Baltimore in a family of tennis fans and players. While I learned to play tennis at a young age and played causally throughout my youth, I had a 20-year tennis hiatus until I dusted off an old racket again about 6 years ago and started playing USTA league tennis upon the suggestion and encouragement of a friend. Tennis has now become such an important part of my life, both from a recreation and social aspect, and I hope to help the sport and the community continue to thrive in San Francisco.


John Melvin

John Melvin

John is a transplant from the NYC area and came to SF in 1994. He started playing at an early age and now is experiencing the other end of life where tennis seems to be a bit more challenging than is was 70 years ago. GGP tennis has been an important part of SF because of all the really great folks he met after joining “Rudy’s group in the  2003. And as an artist, he has thoroughly enjoyed painting a number of the more graceful seniors and their unique strokes.

As a committee member I hope to be part of the expanded program, particularly for seniors and grandchildren.


Arlo Novicoff

I first started playing tennis when I was 7 at Grattan Park, Golden Gate Tennis Center, and city summer camps. Today, I play at various courts around the city and with my Lowell High School tennis team. Tennis throughout these years has allowed me to meet new people, stay active and connect to other student-athletes.

I look forward to the reopening of the tennis center and it becoming an active and inclusive place for all of San Francisco’s youth. On the TCAC, I will advocate for San Francisco’s youth to ensure that kids have the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic center, the tennis courts, ping-pong, and pickleball. My role on the board is to be a voice for youth who often don’t have a seat at the table. I hope to see the center bustling with future tennis stars playing and socializing with friends and family.


Patti O'Kelly

In 2000 I came to San Francisco for a three month traveling nurse assignment and never left.  It was through tennis at GGP that I met a great group of friends that I treasure. My family has benefited greatly with the availability of classes, parks, and open space that San Francisco Rec and Parks have provided.  I feel fortunate that my family is part of such a diverse and inclusive city.

I am excited for the new tennis center to open, so that we can all come together again and enjoy tennis/pickleball and the strong sense of community that we have had in the past. I hope to advocate for all the participants that walk through those doors, so that we can continue to use the tennis center to create new friendships and enjoy all the racquet sports it offers.


La Phengrasamy

Growing up in San Francisco, I loved to play all sports, but I never knew much about tennis.   The first time I picked up a racquet and played a game was as an adult.  The more I played tennis, the more I enjoyed the mental and physical challenges of the sport as well as the friendships built.

I was fortunate to stumble upon Golden Gate Park Tennis Center after joining a USTA team.  On weekend mornings, I enjoyed my short walks to Golden Gate Park to play tennis with friends.  There is a sense of community and inclusivity when you walk through the tennis courts seeing people of all levels playing together.  It’s not only a joy to play but to watch individuals' joy in playing the sport.  I look forward to many more long hours at the new Tennis Center. 



Danielle Vakutin

I first started playing tennis at the age of 6 on various courts in the Richmond district. I didn’t discover the Golden Gate Park facility until a few years later when I started taking lessons there. I got to explore the facility even more when I joined Lowell High School’s tennis team and I can’t wait to go back there for my last year!

Tennis has allowed me to meet new friends - mostly on my high school team but in the San Francisco tennis community as well.  It has challenged me to take losses in stride and return back to practice ready to keep learning.  My goal as a TCAC member is to open the door for kids to pick up the sport. I know that right now, it’s hard to find a tennis program to join at a young age in the city, and I believe that the Goldman Tennis Center will give kids the opportunity to jumpstart their tennis career or simply serve as a place to come play with friends. I’m excited to be a part of this center!


Justin Volmert

Whether the sun shines over Sutro Tower or the fog rolls though, tennis in Golden Gate Park is magical. As a park neighbor and tennis coach at a nearby high school, I am lucky to call the Goldman Tennis Center home; but I am just one of many in this vibrant community. I joined the TCAC to help make it a home for everyone.

I first started playing tennis as a little one at the YMCA in Eugene, OR. Decades later, I still love getting on the court. Outside of tennis, I am a teacher at a parent cooperative nursery school where I welcome children and their parents into a community of early learners.