Five Questions For…Isabella Feinberg

Isabella Feinberg

Isabella Feinberg is the General Manager of the Lisa + Douglas Goldman Tennis Center (GTC) in Golden Gate Park. She heads the Lifetime Activities team at the GTC and manages the day-to-day administrative operations. She works closely with Director of Tennis and Activities Joe Noth to oversee all Lifetime Activities programs and instruction at the Goldman Tennis Center. Previously, Isabella worked as the General Manager for the Lifetime Activities tennis center in Walnut Creek.

1.What role has tennis played in your life?

Tennis has been something I’ve come back to again and again throughout my life. I was first introduced to tennis at around the age of four. My mom signed me up for tennis lessons with a local tennis pro at our club. As a young child, I enjoyed the sport and played for a couple of years until other interests (swim team and volleyball) took over. In middle school, I attended tennis camps at the same club for a couple of summers but never played regularly until a few years later. Throughout high school and early college years, I took private lessons and played socially with friends and family.

After graduation, I took a job with Lifetime Activities at the Walnut Creek Tennis Center – and the rest is history. Since then, I’ve been surrounded by tennis every single day. I got back into tennis, joining a few USTA teams and participating in Walnut Creek Racquet Club’s leagues and socials. Through tennis, I’ve made friends from all over the Bay Area. I met my husband while working in Walnut Creek. Coming back to tennis and being immersed in it every single day has been a truly rewarding experience both personally and professionally.

2.What is involved in the job of General Manager of a municipal tennis center?

In a nutshell, I oversee day-to-day operations at the tennis center and help maintain positive relationships with City staff and community stakeholders.  As GM of a public facility, one of the most important aspects of the job is balancing usage between a variety of usergroups to ensure that every member of the community has fair access to the resource. I work closely with the Tennis Director and customer service team to help facilitate positive experiences for players, students, and community members at the center.

3.What are some of the things about the GTC facility that most excite you?

Entering a new community is something I very much look forward to. I am definitely most excited to meet and get to know the players, students, captains, and tennis and pickleball enthusiasts of San Francisco. I look forward to the variety of different experiences we will be helping facilitate at GTC: from working with TLC to being the location of high-level tournaments, being home to USTA teams or the host site for corporate play days. I love the idea that the Goldman Tennis Center offers something for everyone.

4.How does it feel to be working in such a vibrant park like Golden Gate Park?

I love it! Golden Gate Park is as beautiful as it is busy and historic. Being onsite almost every day for the past few weeks has given me a front row seat to the distinctive character and wonderful energy of the park and the people that spend their time here. I look forward to spending my time at the Goldman Tennis Center and seeing more of the park.

5.When you are not at a tennis center, how do you like to spend your time?

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband. We like to cook together, and play mixed doubles with our friends. More recently, with COVID-19 and health restrictions, we spend our weekends going on road trips with our 16-month-old mini-goldendoodle Savannah.