Five Questions for…Max Ortiz, New Tennis Coalition SF Board Member

Summer Verhoeven

Max Ortiz joined the TCSF board earlier this year. He’s an avid tennis player who’s played competitively at every level: juniors, collegiately and professionally. Max has a special connection to Golden Gate Park – he’s played many tournaments over the years at what is now the Goldman Tennis Center. Max is excited to be part of the TCSF board and looks forward to sharing his love for the sport with others. He grew up playing on public tennis courts in Los Angeles and understands the importance of accessibility.

1.How did you first get into tennis?

My grandparents and dad were avid tennis players and always reminded me that you can play tennis your whole life. My grandparents played tennis well into their eighties.

2.You played competitively as a junior, college student and professional. Can you share some of your best memories?

I won two national team championships during my time at UC Santa Cruz. I won the deciding match to clinch one of the championships which was very memorable and validated my many years of hard work on the tennis court.

3.You have two young children. Do you plan to have them follow in your footsteps?

Absolutely, tennis has been such an instrumental part of my life. It has allowed me to travel all over the world and make long lasting friendships. I still hit one to two times a week and still have so much passion for the sport. My kids will definitely know how to play, but it will be their decision if they want to pursue it seriously. I will definitely encourage and support them to give it a go.

4.You recently joined the Tennis Coalition SF Board of Directors. What inspires you to contribute to public tennis in San Francisco?

I think it would be incredible if we could develop the next Rafael Nadal here in San Francisco, and I am hopeful that our work at the Tennis Coalition can offer greater opportunities for people to be interested in the sport.

5.What interests and hobbies do you have off the court?

I love hanging with my wife and kids, walking my dog, surfing at Ocean Beach, and enjoying all of the wonderful food that we are blessed to have here in San Francisco.