Five Questions For: Gordon Lum, Golden State Tennis Shop

Gordon Lum

Gordon was born and raised in San Francisco, playing tennis for most of his youth at North Beach Playground (now Joe Dimaggio Park), Alice Marble, Golden Gate Park, as well as the San Francisco Tennis Club.

He worked at Lombardi Sports for a decade as a tennis stringer and in 2018 opened his own tennis shop -- Golden State Tennis shop at 5129 Geary Street. His website (  includes a link to a Facebook group for people wanting to find hitting partners as well as a map of City courts.

Photo: Gordon poses in front of his tennis shop with his nephew

1. On what public courts do you play tennis? Is there a neighborhood park that you would consider your home courts?
I play where I can get a reservation on Spotery... I usually try to stick to some local courts in the Sunset area, such as West Sunset Park and Parkside Square. Courts with the best view, Alice Marble. My "home courts" would still be North Beach Playground aka Joe DiMaggio Playground.

2. How did you first get into tennis? Where did you play?
While in middle school, my older brother played tennis for his high school, Galileo. I wanted to learn the sport so I ended up getting some free lessons at North Beach Playground. It was just for fun for the first year until I got competitive and wanted to be better than my brother. I ended up playing all four years at Galileo.

3. Why did you decide to open a tennis store? 
Aside from loving the sport, my background is in sales and my first official job was in the tennis department at Lombardi Sports. After leaving Lombardi's and spending some time in tech sales, I wanted a simpler experience and more rewarding interactions with people. Now I get to talk tennis and meet some pretty awesome people!

4. What services and/or products are most in demand by customers at your store?
We are a full service shop! We string, regrip, sell rackets, balls, bags, grips, etc. Restringing rackets is the bulk of what we do.

5.  When not at the shop, how do you like to spend your time?
Probably playing tennis or going for runs.