Five Questions for…Austin Andres, Eagle Fustar Coach

Five Questions for...Austin Andres, Eagle Fustar Coach

Coach Austin Andres is head of the Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy in San Francisco, currently teaching high-performance juniors at the Goldman Tennis Center. The program, based in the South Bay, was founded by former ATP players Brian Eagle and Nick Fustar and is considered one of Northern California‘s top training academies. Coach Austin has been coaching juniors (4.5 UTR and higher) at GTC for local and national competition since the facility opened in 2021 and starting this fall, he’ll also be running a full-time program for home-schooled juniors seeking up to five hours of tennis training a day.

Coach Austin is a product of Eagle Fustar himself, having enrolled in the program when he moved to San Jose from Hawaii when he was 13. He went on to play Division 1 tennis at UC Riverside (#2 singles and #1 doubles), where he led the team as captain for three years.

1.How did you first get into tennis?

My parents were the ones to introduce me to tennis. While neither of them played tennis, both were always my biggest supporters. As they tell it, the first sport I played was basketball. The only problem was that I never really wanted to share the ball. My dad figured tennis was naturally a perfect fit and he was certainly right. At the age of 7, I began group lessons and playing as often as possible at our local parks on Oahu. My love for tennis continued to grow and from then on you couldn’t keep me off the court!


2.You were a top-ranked Norcal and national junior player, then played D1 tennis at U.C. Riverside. Can you share some of your best memories?

Looking back, there are so many special memories. The excitement and anticipation of each new stage. Playing in my first tournament. Moving up from one age division to the next. Beating an opponent for the first time that had always crushed me in the past. Winning my first tournament. Competing in my first national tournament. Qualifying for team events and even bigger tournaments. Traveling from one city to another. Being pushed by my coaches. Training relentlessly with my friends and peers. Working towards a goal set for the week but also many years down the road. The college recruiting process. Playing my first college match. Competing against many of my friends from junior tennis that were now on opposing teams. Battling injuries. Forging new bonds with different people from around the world. Working with your teammates towards a common goal. Playing my last college match. I remember all the blood, sweat, and tears yet these were some of the best memories of playing junior and college tennis.


3.What about coaching juniors do you enjoy the most?

What I enjoy most is being able to witness the growth that comes from our combined efforts. No two players are the same and it often requires trying different approaches. However, when you crack the code, it is one of the greatest moments for a coach and player. It’s rewarding to see their growth as they reach certain milestones and set their eyes on even higher targets.


4.What advice do you have for parents who want their children to play competitively?

I would encourage parents to remember that tennis is a long journey. Find an amazing coach that helps them develop as a player both on and off the court. It’s important for your child to feel like they have a team that supports their efforts. Take advantage of the many different scenarios that come up and use them as opportunities to learn and grow from. Continue to encourage your children to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. There is no substitute for hard work so remember to have fun and enjoy the process.


5.What interests and hobbies do you have off the court?

Off-court, you can find me in the mountains snowboarding or on the beach with my family. Our dog is also always along for the ride. Fun fact, I met my now wife on Oahu where we grew up playing team tennis together. Recently, we just had our first baby and are enjoying every moment we can with her. We are very excited to share our love for tennis, snowboarding, and all things water as she grows older.