FAQ – GGPTC Renovation Project

Q. How long will the renovation take?

A. It is expected to take 12-24 months. The Tennis Coalition is working with the SFRPD to develop solutions during that time to make playing at other sites (e.g., public parks) easier as well as exploring an online court reservation system. Stay tuned!

Q. When will the renovation take place?

A. There are many variables (successful fundraising, public entitlements, etc.) but our current schedule shows an anticipated construction start Q1 2019.  If we can hold to a 16-month construction schedule, we look forward to opening the newest public tennis facility in California in mid-2020, just in time for Golden Gate Park's 150th anniversary!

Q. Will there be lights?

A. There will be focused, tennis-specific lighting which will allow for over 28,000 more hours of court time and to serve those who are not able to play during the day.

Security at night was raised as an issue and is also being addressed as part of the lighting plan.

Q. Will there be a café and pro shop?

A. The current plan would have a small pro shop behind the check-in desk which will sell items like tennis balls and grips. One or two stringing machines are being planned for. At the moment we plan to have fresh food vending machines as well as drinks and coffee. Current plans include a small kitchen (refrigerator, microwave, sink) which can be used for team parties and other events.

Q. How much will the renovation cost?

A. At the moment, the entire renovation project is estimated to cost about $26.3 million. That budget will be finalized once there are bids in from contractors. Court and hardscape construction, utilities, building construction and their associated costs make up the majority of the budget.

Q. Who will pay for it?

A. This is a gift to the city of San Francisco. The Tennis Coalition SF (fiscally sponsored by the SF Parks Alliance) plans to raise the majority of funds from foundations, grants and individual donors.

Q. Will there be additional parking?

A. There are no plans for increased parking although there will be additional bike racks both on the exterior and interior of the new clubhouse. This is considered a Class 2 facility by SF Planning and does not require any more than existing on-street parking. That being said, we will have a pullout for drop-offs and pick-ups, an electric-vehicle parking spot and all ADA-required parking.

Q.  Will there be ping pong tables in the clubhouse, like there are now?
A. There will be ping pong tables which may be used during posted hours. Those hours will be determined by the manager.

Q.  Will there be Pickleball courts at new center?
A. The first ever permanent Pickleball court in San Francisco will be part of the new Tennis Center.  Two tennis courts will also be striped for Pickleball.  Location of these courts will be determined at a later date.

Q. What will be the hours of operation?

A. We expect the facility to be open for use every day of the year from 6:30 a.m. until closing at 10 p.m.

Q. Who is going to run the new tennis center?

A. We plan to engage an experienced tennis facility manager who has a successful track record running other large tennis centers. Balancing all of the user demands while ensuring plenty of court time for recreational and drop-in play will require a skillful hand. In addition, this operator will be required to maintain and care for the facility, from restrooms to lights.

Q. Where will I play when these courts are under construction?

A. As players, we are blessed to live in a city with more than 150 public tennis courts at our disposal. While the length of construction may seem like a long time to be away from your “home courts,” we assure you it will be well worth playing on other courts for those few months when you come back to your new facility.