FAQ – GGPTC Renovation Project


Q. How long will the renovation take?

A. It is expected to take 12-24 months. The Tennis Coalition is working with the SFRPD to develop solutions during that time to make playing at other sites (e.g., public parks) easier as well as exploring an online court reservation system. Stay tuned!

Q. When will the renovation take place?

A. There are many variables (fundraising, entitlements process, etc.) but the best-case scenario would be to have a world-class public tennis facility completed in 2020.

Q. Will there be lights?

A. The Tennis Coalition hopes there will be lights, which will allow for more hours of court time and to serve those who are not able to play during the day.

Security at night was raised as an issue and that will definitely be addressed as part of a lighting plan.

Q. Will there be a café and pro shop?

A. The current plan would have a small pro shop behind the check-in desk that will sell items like tennis balls. The clubhouse will sell fruit drinks, energy drinks, coffee, smoothies and healthy snacks, most likely through vending machines. The current plans include a small catering kitchen for team parties and other events. A racquet stringing service might also be possible.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. At the moment, the entire renovation project is projected to cost about $20-22 million.  That budget will be finalized once there are bids in from contractors.  Construction and associated costs make up most of the cost.

Q. Who will pay for it?

A. This is a gift to the city and the Tennis Coalition plans to raise funds from private sources and the SF Recreation & Parks department.

Q. Will there be additional parking?

A. There are no plans for increased parking although there will be bike racks.

Q.  Will there be ping pong tables in the clubhouse, like there are now?
A. The Tennis Coalition recognizes the vitality of the table tennis community that currently plays almost every weekday in the main room of the clubhouse.  At the same time, feedback from many tennis players indicates a strong desire for a clubhouse that invites socializing. A variety of options are possible including a new venue for ping pong (with possibly more tables) or a more separated space to play at the GGPTC clubhouse.