Board of Directors

Perry Chen

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Martha Ehrenfeld

Martha Ehrenfeld, Co-Chair

When I first moved to San Francisco, the Golden Gate Park Tennis Center was one of the first places I went to find friends and a community. Now it is my turn to give back to the tennis community and my city.

I have served on the board of the Golden Gate Tennis Club, the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Federation and the SF Recreation and Park Department’s Tennis Advisory Committee.  I am currently a member of the USTA Northern California Diversity Committee as well as board member of the San Francisco Parks Alliance. I follow the work of many community tennis leaders who formed the Tennis Coalition; they spoke up and worked hard to be an advocate for public tennis in San Francisco.  It is an honor to continue their work.

Julie Exley

Julie Exley, GTC Project Manager (former Executive Director)

I am excited to be part of the Tennis Coalition, through which I can make tennis accessible to families.  Growing up, I played with my parents and brother on the public courts in the South Bay and it was a great way for us to spend time together and have fun! I hope to learn more about tennis in SF and help everyone who’s interested have the opportunity to play on safe courts and get connected with the people, teams, pros and equipment they need to be successful.

Tennis has given so much to me personally and I want to give some of my time making sure all families and kids have the same opportunities.

Linda Glassel

Linda Glassel

I grew up playing tennis in Northern California; I learned the game playing at the high school courts with my Mom and Dad and followed that by meeting my husband playing tennis.  A large part of my career I was involved in the tennis industry. Tennis is truly the game of a lifetime and an opportunity to make lasting friendships and stay healthy and active.

I played many tournaments at Golden Gate Park and have fond memories. To be able to be a part of providing those memories for others by creating an amazing place to play and learn is a great opportunity and one that I am excited to be a part of.


Lois Anne Indorf, Secretary

I joined the Tennis Coalition to give back to the tennis community and especially my favorite place in the world, Golden Gate Park!

I started playing at public courts in SF in the early 80s, first at JP Murphy, but as league tennis grew I joined teams out of Golden Gate Park.  I made wonderful friends, took/take lessons through SF Recreation and Parks, enjoy team competition and play with the youth tennis players at Golden Gate Park! 

Through my professional experience as a Nurse Practitioner, I know that our bodies are made for movement, and it is important to have fun moving.  Tennis can fulfill the need for lifelong movement and fun! 

Through the Tennis Coalition I help support the improvement and revitalization of our tennis resources, and through these resources support our tennis playing youth, adults and seniors!

Benji Jasik

Benji Jasik

I started playing tennis in the 1980s (with a wooden racquet), inspired by a 17-year-old Boris Becker winning Wimbledon. I benefited from after-school programs in Palo Alto when I was growing up and at 13 decided to commit to tennis as my main sport. I played junior tennis in the USTA NorCal district, winning the 16 & Under and 18 & Under singles tournament at Golden Gate Park.

These days I play at the Cal Club, the Hamilton courts and Grattan Playground. I am excited about the improvements being made at GGPTC, especially the lights for nighttime play and the greater spacing between courts. What excites me the most is the skills that young people will learn and the communities that will form at the renovated facility. I hope that future generations will create amazing memories at the new GGPTC playing and competing there. I'm excited to contribute to the Tennis Coalition of SF and help improve tennis in San Francisco for everyone!

Lilian Kim Lynch

Lilian Kim Lynch

I took up tennis soon after I moved to San Francisco. Everything I learned about playing the game was through the classes I signed up for through Rec and Park. The experience was life changing. I learned new skills, met friends and developed a passion for the sport. Along the way, the tennis courts at Golden Gate Park became my happy place. I’ve met people from all walks of life, young and old. I cherish those relationships and the sense of community there that I have yet to find anywhere else.


Surya Ramanathan, Treasurer

From the age of 6 until 18, tennis was an incredibly important fixture in my life. Moving from Colorado to California at age 12, it was the only constant in my life. When I moved to San Francisco after my undergraduate education, I found myself often playing at the Golden Gate Park Tennis Center. As my career advanced, I fell away from tennis, and picked up other hobbies such as golf, biking, and skiing. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to serve on the oversight committee for the Golden Gate Tennis Center Remodel to re-engage with a sport I loved so dearly.

Joining the board of the Tennis Coalition of San Francisco is an opportunity for me to take that engagement to the next level, and hopefully help make the sport more accessible to all San Franciscans.

Lois Salisbury, Co-Chair

My love affair with Golden Gate Park began with a love affair.  Literally.  My first date with my husband was a walk in the Children’s Playground.  Now, decades later, the Park continues to mean so much to me: a perfect Sunday starts with tennis, capped off by swing dancing at Lindy in the Park with my husband.

My career as a civil rights lawyer, children’s policy advocate and non-profit manager was full of big challenges. Working to restore the tennis center in Golden Gate Park is big, too, but also very tangible. Once complete, these world-class public courts will bring sport and joy to new generations of San Franciscans from all backgrounds, united by their love of tennis. What an honor to be part of The Tennis Coalition.

Past Board Members

Adrianna Creese

Adrianna Creese

Jen Gaarder-Wang

Jen Gaarder-Wang

Drew Glover

Drew Glover

Minnie Wong

Minnie Wong

Tennis Coalition SF Staff & Consultants

Paula Murphy

Paula Murphy, Executive Director

Tennis has been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. As a kid I spent countless days taking lessons and hitting with friends. I was a singles player on my high school team for four years. And then, like so many of us, I barely picked up a racquet until many years later (almost two decades!).

Coming back to tennis as an adult, I appreciate so much more about the sport. I’ve always loved the physical challenges and strategy of the game, but now I can see the life lessons it has to offer: to be present, take things one at a time, give people the benefit of the doubt, and so much more. I am also grateful for the community that tennis affords. So many of my friends are people I met playing tennis. My life has been enriched beyond measure.

I hope my work with the Tennis Coalition helps other people enjoy the benefits of tennis, especially on public courts, and makes it easier to find community through tennis.