Spotery Survey: SF Rec & Park asked, and you answered!

SF Rec & Park conducted a survey a few weeks ago about its Spotery online court reservation system. They received an astounding 1093 responses from San Francisco’s tennis playing community:

  • 77% supported continuing the online reservation system as is or continuing but with increasing reservable courts
  • 14% supported continuing but with decreasing reservable courts
  • 9% wanted to eliminate the system.

The survey found that there is significant support for addressing reservation holders who fail to show up for their reservations. Suggestions for improvement included making the reservation time closer to playing time so reservation holders are more likely to show up and play.

  • 56% supported offering some reservation options where the time between reservation and playing was shortened from a week to one or two days
  • 38% supported no change
  • 6% didn’t care.

In addition, some people supported having walk-up courts at multicourt sites so players would likely be on site to look for a court if no one showed up for a reservation.

When asked about instituting a modest fee to ensure that people did not reserve times that they would not use:

  • 60% opposed the fee
  • 35% supported the fee
  • 5% did not care.

We will report back if Rec & Park makes any changes to the Spotery system based on this feedback.

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